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Covid Policy



The health and safety of our customers and staff has always been one of our top priorities here at The Mortuary. Normally during operating hours, our security and staff continuously walk through the attraction to ensure everything is safe and secure. We perform intense daily inspections of the attraction checking the structure, animatronics, props, customer pathways and back of house areas.

Given the state of the world with COVID-19, the management and staff of The Mortuary have gone even further by taking extra steps to follow the CDC’s health guidelines as well as the State Fire Marshall, New Orleans Fire Prevention, and City of New Orleans requirements to ensure the safety and health of our customers and staff to operate safely and effectively while providing an incredible experience. We have cleaners come in daily during our season to clean and sanitize the facility.


  • Sanitization of All Surfaces (handrails, doors, restrooms, etc.): Additional staff will be hired for dedicated sanitation duties. To include minimums of every 45-minute cleaning rotations of all handrails, doorknobs, restrooms, etc. using an appropriate sanitation solution. Additionally, other staff will be periodically cleaning their specific areas/rooms inside and outside of the attraction.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations: Customers will be asked to sanitize their hands before entering the building. Hand pump sanitizing stations will be available at the property entrance and queue space.
  • Tickets: General Admission Tickets and merchandise will be available to purchase ONLINE ONLY. VIP Tickets will still be available ONLINE and ON SITE. Our Skip-The-Line VIP ticket on site does not have a virtual queue line. If you have a Skip-The-Line VIP ticket, you will go straight into the haunt. Virtually no waiting!
  • Virtual Queue Line: As fun and exciting as it is to wait in a long queue line to enter The Mortuary, we are replacing our regular line with a virtual one.  Utilizing time based ticketing, customers purchase tickets based on the day and time you’ll attend the event, greatly reducing the on-site wait time as well as the number of people waiting to enter.  We will have total control over the number of tickets available for each time slot making sure your experience is fully optimized for minimal guest interaction and entry. The real line to enter will shorter instead of several hours and will have a controlled number of guests in the line spaced apart per group based on the Phase we are in.
  • PPE/Masks: If still mandated by state or local laws, no one will be allowed to enter without a nose and mouth covering.
  • Disclaimers and Warnings: Printed signs will be posted at the entrance warning customers to not enter if they are experiencing flu-like or COVID-like symptoms or are feeling ill.
  • Maintain Social Distancing for Groups: The outside line into the haunt will have yellow cones on the ground in line and signage indicating appropriate minimum distances between groups standing outside. Safety staff, digital signage and printed signage will remind groups to remain distanced between them and others that are not part of their household.
  • Capacity: Capacity can be reduced/managed to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Entering the Haunt: Guests will enter the haunt with only their immediate group (no strangers) and be reminded to stay at least 12’ away from any groups that they may encounter within the haunt. Customers will be timed to allow adequate distances between groups. Staff will be posted inside the attraction as well, to ensure customers are in compliance with distancing measures.


  • All Staff: Staff will be required to wear face masks as per the CDC Guidelines.
  • Staff Screening: All Cast and Crew will have Daily Temperature Checks and will be screened for symptoms and questioned about recent travel before entering the building. Actors who are sick with fever or cold/flu symptoms etc. will not be allowed to work.
  • Hand Sanitizing Stations: Hand pump sanitizing stations will be available throughout the cast areas of the attraction.
  • No Sharing/Exchanging Costumes/Masks: Staff shall not be allowed to change costumes/characters/masks in-show, ensuring less cross-contamination. Nightly cleaning and disinfecting of masks, face shields, goggles and costumes will be conducted via washing, wiping, and/or use of disinfecting foggers, following CDC cleaning guidelines and sanitation solution/mixture.

The staff of the Mortuary has prepared our attraction properly so we can safely open while following current CDC health guidelines. We can’t express how much we appreciate your support. Our efforts to make each and every participant in The Mortuary 2020 experience goes beyond all expectations.

Thank you for being such loyal and patient fans of The Mortuary! The 2020 Experience will be worth the wait!

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