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Frequently Asked Questions

You may ask…Is it scary?

Fear… an adreneline-filled emotion caused by impending danger, evil, pain,… especially dread to experience the fear. If you’re not screaming, you’re already dead!

Group Discounts:

Group discounts are not available this season. Click for Details


No Refunds. It’s our job to scare you. If you ask, we did an excellent job! If you are too scared to finish the tour, ask the nearest security person to be escorted to the closest exit.


Discount Coupons are available at the website for all haunts, in the mail, at select sponsors and retailers, and at The Blood Center. Click for Coupon

Rain Nights:

All Haunts have covered queue lines to help keep people out of the rain. Space is limited. We are always subject to close due to bad weather. If so, we will notify you at the entrance.


In case of an emergency, the house lights will be on full and an announcement will be made throughout the haunt. Follow instructions of the nearest cast member or security personnel to be shown to the nearest exit.

Enter At Your Own Risk:

By purchasing a ticket to any of our haunt events, you acknowledge that you are Entering At You Own Risk and take full responsibility for your actions as well as any circumstances that may develop as a result of experiencing the event. Our Haunted Houses are not recommended for visitors who are pregnant, have heart conditions or are in general poor health. Purchasing a ticket constitutes you are over the age of (18) or accompanied by a legal guardian, you are in stable physical, emotional and mental health. You agree to hold harmless Eerie Ventures LLC., The Mortuary, The Scream Factory, NNI, and/or any of the affiliates or assigns of those listed above for any reaction to paranormal phenomena, or liability, be it physical, emotional or mental. You are responsible for any damages that you cause to property or equipment.

Touching Cast Members or Guests:

If you don’t touch us, we don’t touch you. Due to the very low lighting levels inside our haunts, occasionally you might accidentally come in contact with one of our cast or another guest. Be careful.

Just So You Know:

You may experience live Snakes, Bats, Rats, Roaches, Spiders, and Other Creatures Of The Night. None of these creatures will come in contact with you intentionally. You may possibly encounter a REAL ghost. The Mortuary is verified as actually being haunted by Ghost Hunters across the globe. Ghosts have been documented and reported thru a host of Paranormal Shows including The Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel among others. For more information on the real Ghostly Activities, visit


The haunts employ various special effects and animatronics for your entertainment. These may include fog, strobe lights, water effects, loud sounds, lighting and projection. Be prepared to get wet! Use caution…Strobe lights may cause epileptic episodes.

Concessions & Souvenirs:

Glow Sticks to Food to T-shirts and Caps… Yes. We sell bottles of water and cans of soda. Our gift shop sells souvenir t-shirts, glow stuff, vampire fangs & other fun things…

Recording Devices:

No recording devices are allowed at any time (video cameras, digital or flash photography, audio recording, etc,…). The haunts regularly record events at all times. By purchasing a ticket, you are also granting us permission to use you recorded image or audio for any purpose.

Filming Disclaimer

By entering the premises at 4800 Canal Street, New Orleans, 70119, you automatically agree to be filmed for any and all media purposes known now or to be developed, into perpetuity, without compensation or acknowledgement.

Do’s and Don’ts:

We do not allow weapons of any kind, alcohol, drugs, smoking, open flames, pets, laser pointers, flash lights, foul language, pushing, vulgar behavior, etc in any of our haunts. You can’t take props, damage scenes, or touch our cast. Police, Firemen, and Security details are on duty for your protection and safety. Every area in under night vision video and audio surveillance 24/7. Please enjoy going through the haunt and everyone will have a night to remember.

How old do you have to be to work at the haunt?

You must be at least 18 years old to work at the haunt. Click Here to apply.

Is the haunt different each year?

The themes of the attractions change dramatically each year. Expect new effects, sets, and scares!

Is this the haunted house in the French Quarter where there are 13 floors and when you get to the top you get your money back?

No, it’s an urban legend. There is no such haunted house. However The Mortuary is the only haunted house in Louisiana on multiple floors with REAL ghosts!

Special events at the Mortuary:

Give Blood at The Mortuary Haunted House – Check the Hours Page for dates

Where Can I park?

Special Parking Arrangements: On Street Parking on CANAL ST is available all hours of operation. Please do not park in the neighborhoods surrounding The Mortuary. Security detail will be in place to direct traffic to park on CANAL ST.

How can I have my Special Event at the Mortuary?

Click the Events Link on the Main Menu Above for information about having your next event or party at the Mortuary.

Other Questions:

For further information, click here to email us or call 504-483-2350 and we will respond as soon as we can.

I want to do a story on the attractions; how do I?

For media inquiries only:

Jeff Borne, President
Eerie Ventures, LLC. Dba The Mortuary
4800 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70119
ph: 504-483-2350
[email protected]


THE MORTUARY is an icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world-famous Canal Street. Less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter on the cemetery streetcar line, this magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and operated for about 80 years as an actual MORTUARY.


The Mortuary is located at
4800 CANAL ST.


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