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Introducing the LEGEND of The Mortuary 2023

An Invitation to A Wedding and a Grand Feast

“In the Dark,
In the Dark,
In the Darkest Places,
Embedded in an Un-Human Heart…
Blood Wedding!”

 -Sir Cristos von Stokken

Dearest Mortals and Denizens of New Orleans,

The Night beckons! Her Children welcomes you in joining the Immortal Host for an unhallowed
eve of revelry in a Grand Feast to celebrate the union of the Eternal Prince of the Air and the Undying Queen of Darkness, within the living city of New Orleans at the end of Canal Street. The evening promises YOU the sweet embrace of dark romance and a tantalizing glimpse into the mysteries and intrigues of the Beautiful Dead. Your eyes will bear witness to the unholiest of matrimonies between two dark entities, their curdling bloodline reaching back into the very beginnings of the mists of time that ARE a testament to the very birth of humanity underneath the boughs of the fabled Garden in the Heart of Eden.

A Marriage will be consummated this day within the Dread Halls and Rotting Gables known as the Mortuary, a desecrated shrine clinging to the borders of the Dead and the Undead, serving as silent sentinel to the Wonders of the Waking World.

Bear witness, ye Mortals, as the night’s GOING unfolds its dark tapestry to reveal a most hidden mystery, a ceremony yet unseen in the Age of Man, a wedding feast not meant for mortal eyes to behold. And Yet, witness you shall, in your dying hour, in the fading of the light, with eyes unseeing, you shall behold the glories of the joining of Air unto Darkness. With Rings forged in Wrath, Two-Are-Made-One and will usher in a New Age of destiny, a Reign of Blood and Terror the likes of which have not been seen since the Days of the Impaler from his blooddrenched courtyard.

Do you not Fathom, O Mortal, that you are so much more than a mere wedding guest? More than some doting debutante or royal foxtrot! You, Dearest, are the most important part of the night’s ceremony! It is an honor… TO perpetually fill the Wedding Cup with the blood-red wine of your veins…to fatten the Mortuary’s larder with delectable delicacies for the Grand Feast… this Honor is yours, O Mortal, and yours alone! Indeed, what a delicious honor it is! Your throats and your wrists will hold court to the gnashing teeth of powers that walked this earth long before towering Babel was young and looked to Heaven. Some of you will indeed taste the rich nectar of the Nights’s Herald, and slip beneath the intoxicating waves of the Blood Sea, to DIE the Little Death, only to be reborn in our own image, as one of the Damned, a Creature of the Night, feeling your life’s sweet essence drain away as you become one with the Tribes of the Moon. And, yet, others will sink irrevocably into the Death of the Dawn, an eternal oblivion deep down into the still, black void of the cold, cold grave.

So, come this Hallow’s Eve and join us. Wear your darkest attire to match your even darker heart, and be prepared to dance forever on the knife’s edge of destruction. This Halloween, your presence is requested for a Union of Air and Darkness. Bring the gift of the crimson manna that fills your veins and be prepared to meet Eternity!

Let the Blood Letting begin!!

Your RSVP is requested HERE no later than October 31st.


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THE MORTUARY is an icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world-famous Canal Street. Less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter on the cemetery streetcar line, this magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and operated for about 80 years as an actual MORTUARY.


The Mortuary is located at
4800 CANAL ST.


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