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Introducing the LEGEND of The Mortuary 2024

Come Cast Your Vote & Let Freedom Scream at The Mortuary!

“As I looked, there was a pale horse,

and its rider’s name was Death.

Hades followed along behind him!”



America, it is time!  You must Decide!

Your end is near! Doomsday is upon you! Armageddon’s breath is hot on your neck. You must decide how the End Begins!


How does civilization come crashing down?


The ballot is prepared as America stands on the precipice of destiny, where the lines between light and darkness blur, and the forces of chaos converge. As foretold in days of old, the Final Campaign unfolds at the edge of midnight as the Doomsday Clock ticks ever closer to its chime of extinction. And now, at the end of the age, the fate of civilization hangs in the balance.

Gather, Patriots, beneath the raging moon within the hallowed halls of the Mortuary and cast your Final Vote. Here, amidst the crumbling edifice of mortal ambition, we shall witness the fruition of a time, times and half a time, for a reckoning awaits the likes the world has only glimpsed in Revelation. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse will soon wrestle for dominion of the earth, it’s kingdoms and all its inhabitants. And it is our duty to choose for ourselves the Final Form of Civilization’s fall.


What form will civilization’s end take? 


Bring out your Poor, your Hungry; your Dead, White and Blue. Vomit forth the Huddled Masses and let them see! This is no ordinary election, no mere spectacle of mortal politics. Nay, dear Countrymen, this is a sacred rite to determine the course of your destruction, where the very fate of humanity is at stake.

This fight’s mediator is dear old Uncle Sam. Is he the puppet master guiding you to your salvation or wickedly to your doom?

Will Lady Fury, with her fiery wraith, set the world on fire when she screams to life?

Will Blind Justice reign supreme to strike down the innocent and evil alike?

Will “AI” become sentient and command all media technology secretly behind the scenes?

Will the Throne of Lies spew forth disinformation, distorting the truth to lead you to choosing poorly?

Make your choice wisely, for the consequences of your decision shall reverberate through the annals of forever. In this crucible of destiny, you are not mere bystanders, but active participants in the cosmic struggle between all things good and unholy. Your vote, cast with conviction and resolve, is your only weapon against the encroaching shadows.


Who will be the Harbinger of your destruction? 


Will the end come by PESTILENCE, whose virulent touch heralds plagues and debilitating disease?

Or perhaps thru WAR, whose fiery sword ignites the flames of conflict and chaos throughout the nation-states?

You may choose to cast your lot with FAMINE, whose hungering gaze consumes all in its path.

Or, enter your final vote for DEATH itself, The Pale Rider, who drowns everything into the black release of oblivion.

The choice is yours, dearest Citizen, and yours alone. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are your contenders… So come forth and prepare to confront the darkness that will surely engulf you all.

Embrace your civic duty and choose the way forward for the soul of America. For the soul of humanity itself. For in this final election, the fate of eternity hangs in the balance, and it could all go to HELL!!


Welcome to THE HELLECTION 2024.


Come Cast Your Vote and Let Freedom Scream at the Mortuary Haunted House this Halloween! 


  • 1872: The Mortuary Is Built
  • 2007: Master Ravencroft & His Menagerie of Fears
  • 2008: Children of the Night featuring The Doll
  • 2009: Rise of the Undead
  • 2010: Blood Lust
  • 2011: Say Her Name: Bloody Mary
  • 2012: Cirque Du Fear
  • 2013: Zombie Outbreak
  • 2014: City of the Dead: Cyborg Army
  • 2015: Se7en Deadly Sins
  • 2016: Happy Death Day ~ 10 Years of FEAR
  • 2017: Phobia
  • 2018: Mortuary Strikes 12: Purge
  • 2019: The Cult of 13
  • 2020: Contagion
  • 2020: XMAS Psycho Asylum
  • 2021: Inferno
  • 2022: The House That FEAR Built: 150th Anniversary
  • 2023: Blood Wedding
  • 2024: HELLECTION ~ Choose Thy Fate


THE MORTUARY is an icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world-famous Canal Street. Less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter on the cemetery streetcar line, this magnificent mansion was originally built in 1872 and operated for about 80 years as an actual MORTUARY.


The Mortuary is located at
4800 CANAL ST.


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