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The House That FEAR Built


150th Anniversary

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”—H.P. Lovecraft


Fear is ancient. Fear has always been. It is an emotion as old as man. And, for as long as there has been darkness, there have been horrors that move in that darkness. Monsters that live outside the light, waiting to collude death with terror and feed on it’s intoxicating Alchemy.

Our histories have it wrong. “Once upon a time” was not the beginning of a fairy tale, but of an old wive’s tale…Primitive warnings that foretold of gnashing teeth and impending doom. “Once upon a time,” children were dragged from their comfy beds into darkness by night terrors not born of dreams, but from the very pits of hell, itself. “Once upon a time,” peasants would be swallowed by shadow, their unheard screams echoing into the empty night. These were not the tales of ‘living happily ever after’. No knight in shining armor would ever come forth to save theses damned souls. Instead, all the King’s men and all the King’s horses trembled behind the protection of their stone walls, afraid of the shadows that moved in the corners of the flickering light.

There are still places in this world, where fear takes root and blossoms like the Death Lily, infecting their surroundings with darkness and decay. The black deeds of these places have been whispered about through the centuries and the decades. The power of their names still fill the listener with dread at their very mention: Transylvania, The Bermuda Triangle, Whitechapel, Amityville, The Suicide Forest. And, of course, right here in one of this continent’s oldest city’s at The Mortuary in New Orleans.

In some places, fear feeds, and grows…and lingers. One such place is The Mortuary. 150 years ago, a man-turned-monster named Ravencroft, mortician by trade, began to tinker with the primal forces of the universe with vampiric blood, seeding the terror of the victims of his unholy experiments in his search for eternal life into the very walls of the basement to the house he called his own. As is the way with madmen, insane acolytes hearing whispers from dark communions continued Ravencroft’s experiments, and where Ravencroft’s seed blossomed, the seeds of the experiments in fear perpetrated by the dark society of mass murderers known as The Collector’s bloomed! Within the bloody, beating heart of New Orleans, on the edge of the City of the Dead, fear was cultivated, and fed and allowed to fester..building a place for itself… a house…a home…

Fear has many forms. And over the ensuing years, The Collector’s, whether by design or default, gathered and unleashed nightmare after nightmare on the unsuspecting city…

… The cold blooded embrace of the Vampire Vixens, who would entice with their beauty and tear out the throats of any would-be suitor who came too close…

… Peering into the mirror realm seeking out the reflection of a most hateful and murderous spirit. Say her name 3 times, if you dare…

… The animation of Ravencroft’s stillborn daughter, and though her heart never beat, many feared the vengeance of the Living Doll…

… The fearful smell of ozone and burning flesh that harbored the resurrection of the executed death row inmate known as Shocka Con…

… Stitch, a Serial Killing Artist who sought perfection through the mutilation and re-assembly of his victims into works of art…

… The Bone-Chilling cries issued from the ragged throats of those who felt the Wrath of the Ringmaster of the Cirque du Fear…

… The Cults, the Purges, the Outbreaks…The Phobias, the Sins, the Contagions…

 … The Inferno itself…

All designed to awaken something… something deep down in the basement foundation… something planted 150 years ago. Where The screams of today’s frenzied populace that would enter into the Mortuary’s haunted halls and forsaken corners would begin to breathe a form of horrible life into the old walls of the reconstituted edifice.

Now, the house is alive as ancient and evil spirits that have lain dormant for so long begin to stir once more…mixing blood with mortar and brick with bone as old fears you thought forgotten begin to resurface…of that something wicked hiding under your bed. The unseen entity that haunts your toddlers dreams. That thing waiting in the attic. That repressed memory of the horror looking in through your bedroom window in the blackness of night…

And finally, after 150 years of waiting, Fear Has Come A’Calling!

The House is Alive and it feasts on Your Terror!

Feed the Fear in 2022 at the Mortuary…THE HOUSE THAT FEAR BUILT!

If You’re Not Screaming… You’re Already dead!


  • 1872: The Mortuary Is Built
  • 2007: Master Ravencroft & His Menagerie of Fears
  • 2008: Children of the Night featuring The Doll
  • 2009: Rise of the Undead
  • 2010: Blood Lust
  • 2011: Say Her Name: Bloody Mary
  • 2012: Cirque Du Fear
  • 2013: Zombie Outbreak
  • 2014: City of the Dead: Cyborg Army
  • 2015: Se7en Deadly Sins
  • 2016: Happy Death Day ~ 10 Years of FEAR
  • 2017: Phobia
  • 2018: Mortuary Strikes 12: Purge
  • 2019: The Cult of 13
  • 2020: Contagion
  • 2020: XMAS Psycho Asylum
  • 2021: Inferno
  • 2022: The House That FEAR Built: 150th Anniversary

Protect Yourself!

These rules MUST be followed or risk releasing these evil spirits into our world.

  1. Face Mask Protection

    By wearing a optional face covering, the wearer to protects themselves from Evil Spirits. Security at each staircase will instruct you when to continue on. Please stay at least 6 feet from other groups. It is difficult to determine friend from the foe, so keep your distance.

  2. No talking, crying, or screaming.

    Vocal noise of any kind can pierce the vail to the Nightmare Realm and attract the undead!

  1. No Phones

    Use of a cell phone while inside is prohibited. Phones must remain put away throughout the experience.

  2. No Running

    Do not run, push, jump, or act hastily in any way while in the mansion. Walk slowly and observe to identify potential threats. Move too quickly and you will gain the attention of EVIL. This, I assure you, is not something you want to do.

  3. Protect Yourself!

    Protect Yourself from EVIL. Stay close to your friends... there is strength in numbers!

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