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The world pandemic has continued to spread…

Last year, the Cult of the 13 failed to unleash the Great Evil known as the Ancient Ones into the world, but they succeeded in opening a small rift in the basement of the Mortuary between our dimension and that of the awful, despairing place that is the Nightmare Realm…

Within the Nightmare Realm, everything, even a virus, becomes an apex predator, with the sole purpose of extinguishing life and smothering the light in darkness. A virus is a living, microscopic organism. Only microns long, it is small enough to wisp through a pinhole tear between realities…When the virus entered the rift and came into contact with the necrotic energies of that vile and obscene place, it mutated and become the worst, most insidious disease the world has ever known. The disease became a sentient organism of pure living evil, and in doing so, it became self-aware…intent on one thing!…feeding and growing…and, as its awareness expands, it craves more flesh, more knowledge, more BLOOD!

The poor janitor never knew what hit him. He certainly didn’t know that he would be the first casualty of the Rift War! One moment, he was sweeping up glass from a broken bulb that had fallen and shattered on the Mortuary’s stone basement floor. He cut himself with a tiny glass shard and the drop of blood fell towards the floor…but never reaching it…as it fell through the pinprick rift between realities, bathing the seed of the self-aware virus…a being now calling itself Contagion…in blood. Ah, the sickly-sweet taste of blood. And Contagion would have more!

In the next moment, a sinewy tendril of ectoplasm erupted through the rift, attaching itself to the janitor’s face. The virus rapidly spread through the janitor’s eyes, nose and mouth, feeding on his brain…invading it…corrupting it…hollowing it out, and making the shell of the man an imprint of itself. With convulsions and bone breaking spasms, the janitor was no more. He was transformed. And in his place…the Herald of Contagion, the first soldier of the rift in an army that would become legion!

As the infection takes hold, it causes the eyes, nose and ears to hemorrhage. In the late stages of the infection, the mind of the host is eaten away from the inside out and, while the host is seemingly mad with Tourette’s type shouting and seizures, the victim has been purged in death and the body in turn becomes host to the hive like mind of the virus itself, now calling itself Contagion. Contagion eventually transforms the brain-dead body of the host, agonizingly mutating the body into something no longer human, but representative of the blasphemies from within the Nightmare Realm itself. Once the disease has run its course, its victims are but mindless meat puppets controlled by an alien viral awareness that has co-opted the bodies after death.

In a matter of days, Covid 19 would fade in the headlines as the horrors of Contagion took its place. This new and other-worldly virus invaded our reality from beyond the rift, waging war upon humanity, all the while, continuing to feed and expand, devouring every living thing in its path. Over the months, Contagion would take from us our freedom as we hid from its horrors, our innocence as we watched a nightmarish virus from beyond our world ingest friends, family, and loved ones. It would even drive humanity to the brink of extinction…until the government decided to fight back…to eradicate the outbreak once and for all, before it could infect and ingest the rest of the world.

Now, we are all soldiers of necessity! The time has come to fight back!!! It is time to wage war!

After facing diseased annihilation for months, humanity has finally driven the hellspawn that is Contagion back to its source. The final battle of the Rift War is upon us! The scattered survivors even now form into ranks in the darkened shadows of the Mortuary, as they prepare to launch an all-out assault into the very heart of the infection. They have come to eradicate Contagion and end the Rift War, once and for all. It is time for this battle to come to its final and bloody end! This time, the vaccine can only be annihilation!

Uncle Sam needs to you to assault and destroy the creatures that are Contagion, no matter what the cost!

We Want You for Rift War 2020!!!

Protect Yourself!

These rules MUST be followed or risk releasing these evil spirits into our world.

  1. Do not remove your face mask once you are inside.

    By wearing a face covering, the wearer to protects themselves from CONTAGION. Security at each staircase will instruct you when to continue on. Please stay at least 6 feet from others. It is difficult to determine friend from the infected, so keep your distance.

  2. No talking, crying, or screaming.

    Vocal noise of any kind can pierce the vail to the Nightmare Realm while wearing the mask.

  1. No Phones

    Use of a cell phone while inside is prohibited. Phones must remain put away throughout the experience.

  2. No Running

    Do not run, push, jump, or act hastily in any way while in the mansion. Walk slowly and observe to identify potential targets. Move too quickly and you will gain the attention of CONTAGION. This, I assure you, is not something you want to do.

  3. Protect Yourself!

    Use of the BATTLE RIFLE is needed to Protect Yourself from CONTAGION. Ammo is limited. Shoot targets in short controlled bursts. The best defense is a good offense!

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