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The following are the recorded transcripts of News Chopper 8 Reporter Richard Reedum and Pilot Frank Caston regarding the unexplained phenomena that led to the two men’s disappearance over New Orleans in the supernatural event that is being called THE INFERNO.



“RICHARD REEDUM: This is News Chopper 8 with Late Breaking News….Just moments ago, Federal agents launched an assault this morning on the infamous Mortuary in New Orleans, attempting to apprehend a group of psychotic inmates from the State Asylum for the Criminally Insane that had just recently overrun the building and taken up residence in the Mansion. Reports indicate that the agents have attempted to penetrate the Mansion, but have been rebuffed by deadly encounters with the these individuals. Several officers have been wounded in the assault. We will maintain a close vigil overhead and interrupt our local programming with breaking news as the situation warrants.”


RICHARD REEDUM: This is News Chopper 8 coming at you live from the skies over the Mortuary on 4800 Canal Street in New Orleans. After a failed breach attempt into the mansion earlier today, the FBI has informed the escaped inmates from the State Asylum for the Criminally Insane who are holed up inside, that an eminent attack will be forthcoming. After a months long stand-off between the criminals and law enforcement, the inmates have been offered an opportunity to surrender, but there has been no word from the group’s leader, “Kill Face” Bill Cobb. We can see that law enforcement has closed down all traffic at City Park Avenue and Canal and are gathering there in what will be the main prong of the forthcoming assault on the building. We will continue to monitor this situation for up to date breaking news.”


RICHARD REEDUM: News Chopper 8 reporting. Something inexplicable has just happened! The Mortuary is currently wreathed in a dome of some otherworldly flame. The fire licks at the building, but it is as though the place is immune to the heat and catastrophe as these ghost flames climb harmlessly through the windows of the building, emanating from deep inside the house. I’ve never seen anything like this in my 15 years of reporting. Though burning, the Mortuary does not burn! At first, we thought the fire may have been a result of tear gas canisters being fired through the windows and catching the curtains ablaze, but what we are witnessing is not natural! The flames seem to be acting of their own volition, streaking out and incinerating the advancing police units like it is intelligently aware that they are a threat! Law enforcement is scrambling to take cover. Earlier, police attempted to arrange the surrender of the inmates, but all talks ended when the lead negotiator’s head exploded in the middle of negotiations. A few minutes later, two FBI combat vehicles began inserting gas into the buildings and were joined by Bradley fighting vehicles, which began firing tear gas canisters through the building’s windows. A large contingent of Federal officers from the FBI and local police attempted to storm the building. Suddenly and without warning, just before we began broadcasting live, there was a flash and a huge green fireball rolled across the area as the Mortuary seemed to be swallowed by an explosion. Several officers…and we presume everyone still inside the Mortuary …were immolated in the fire. The pure force of the shockwave nearly brought down our chopper. Thanks to some expert piloting, we are still in the air and trying to get close enough to see what’s happening. Unbelievably, the Mortuary still stands, completely whole, despite the unexpected blast. Where smoke should be billowing out of the structure, there is none, only the otherworldly glow that makes the pit of my stomach crawl! The building itself is completely intact, despite…. Wow! Wow!…Unbelievable! Now, there is some intense, fiery lance of energy, shooting up from the roof of the house, just past us, into the clouds directly above the mansion and our chopper. Its almost as if a spotlight is blazing up towards us. The clouds have begun churning in on themselves, like some great glowing whirlpool.  The cloud has now begun to burn and has taken on a peculiar color…almost green…and a smell…almost sulfurous….Now, looking up into the cloud hovering just above our chopper….What am I looking at? I can only describe it as some great portal that has opened within the house and into the sky…a great flaming Hell’s Mouth! Oh my god! Are you getting this?? Tell me you are getting this…flaming spears of fire just launched from the burning cloud…lancing through every person standing within a hundred yards of the mansion…everyone it touches has become a human torch…cops, firemen, reporters, bystanders. My God! They are burning from the inside out…Mother Mary…Frank, quickly…Fly the chopper towards the portal above us. Do you see that? Folks, I hope we are getting this thru the live feed. There are creatures flying out of the whirlwind tear in the sky! Creatures out of nightmares…with bat-like wings and veins of lava burning through their leathery skin, they are descending towards the Mortuary. These creatures…and, they can only be described as demons from hell…They are swooping below us and feasting on the remains of the burned. Some of the burned are getting up…are they alive? How??? How is this possible?! We are seeing something out of an insane mind come to life, ladies and gentlemen. It seems a burning portal to Hell itself, an Inferno, has opened right here in the sky above the Mortuary, live, before our eyes. The dead are walking. The damned are among us…Frank! Those things…They are flying right at us…

FRANK  CASTON:  <Says something inaudible off mic> 

RICHARD REEDUM: Pull up, Frank! Pull up! They are all over us! They are trying to get through the canopy…Ladies and gentleman….DID YOU SEE THAT??? Something…Something just blinked on the other side of the portal! A giant eye…in the cloud…No…the demons, they are trying to get through the door. Frank! Frank!! We have to get out of here…

FRANK CASTON: <Unintelligible roars and screaming off mic>

RICHARD REEDUM: Frank? Ladies and gentleman…Frank has been pulled out of the……”



The transmission from News Chopper 8 ended there. Eyewitnesses on the ground reported that the helicopter simply vanished, along with the great fiery rift in the sky! Eyewitness accounts also collaborate reporter Richard Reedum’s panicked observations that there were indeed creatures that inundated and invaded the helicopter, as well as the appearance of a giant eye that appeared and blinked once in the burning cloud above the Mortuary….then the eye, the rift, the erratically flying helicopter and the creatures scrambling to get inside of it, vanished instantly! The remains of pilot Frank Caston and Reporter Richard Reedum have never been recovered, nor has the wreckage of New Chopper 8 ever been located…and the Mortuary still burns intact in its unholy flame with the damned claiming the building as their own! 


Your wildest fears are here at The Mortuary, INFERNO. The Hell Gate has opened your darkest fright-mares!

ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE this year at The Most Haunted Mansion in the City… The Mortuary! Will you be counted among the Living or the Damned? For Hell Hath No Fury Like a Haunted House A’Fire!

The Mortuary presents INFERNO Haunted House… Burn Baby Burn!

Protect Yourself!

These rules MUST be followed or risk releasing these evil spirits into our world.

  1. Do not remove your face mask once you are inside.

    By wearing a face covering, the wearer to protects themselves from Evil Spirits. Security at each staircase will instruct you when to continue on. Please stay at least 6 feet from other groups. It is difficult to determine friend from the foe, so keep your distance.

  2. No talking, crying, or screaming.

    Vocal noise of any kind can pierce the vail to the Nightmare Realm and attract the undead!

  1. No Phones

    Use of a cell phone while inside is prohibited. Phones must remain put away throughout the experience.

  2. No Running

    Do not run, push, jump, or act hastily in any way while in the mansion. Walk slowly and observe to identify potential threats. Move too quickly and you will gain the attention of EVIL. This, I assure you, is not something you want to do.

  3. Protect Yourself!

    Protect Yourself from EVIL. Stay close to your friends... there is strength in numbers!

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