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The Legend

Chapter 12 Halloween 2018


As darkness spreads across the land. Lawlessness reigns. Chaos runs amok. And at the heart of it lies The Mortuary.

As the clock strikes 12, murder becomes legal!

People need a release. Midnight at The Mortuary gives the average person the opportunity to vent their frustrations by hunting their fellow man.

When you and your friends enter The Mortuary, look to your left… Then look to your right… Do you really know who your friends are? Someone isn’t who they pretend to be. Did your friends invite you to go to The Mortuary to have a good time or were their intentions more sinister than you could have ever imagined? To be an unknowing participant in a beat-the-clock to survive, death game? Thrill-killers are amongst you. You ARE the hunted.

Do you have what it takes to escape?

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